The Hard Work Pays Off!!

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Teri-Ann Winslow

So here we are, after all the hard work put in by my son Josh, I know I’ve driven him crazy with all my requests over the last few months, our website is now live. We are really excited about the future, looking forward to serving you with the finest gluten free fare and meeting you at the various events we plan to be a part of.  The Love at First Bake kitchen is busy creating new flavours which will be added on a regular basis but we would also love to hear from you if you have an idea for perhaps a cake or muffin flavour, contact us.

My daughter, Emily does a great job looking after our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram where you can find out about product availability with our stockists, so please follow, re tweet us and let us know of any outlets you think would benefit from our lovely goodies.

I need to mention a few more people before I sign off and get back to the kitchen, Mark for his selfless support! Lesley and our chief tasters, you know who you are, for their belief, support & honesty. My Mum for assisting me to make jam tarts all those years ago! And my dear Dad for giving me a passion for food and the strength & will to make Love at First Bake happen.

See you next time


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